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Afis Cultura 2015

Impression and Pictures

"I was encouraged to have more grace and be more aware of cultural sensitivities. I also learned that struggles we are having are "normal""

"I saw Romanians who have a heart for Romania"

"I enjoyed having Romanians speak about the cultural differences. That was very important to me! I enjoyed the tour of the Revolution."

"I learned to be more flexible in my relationships with Romanians. The session on language was wonderful; it hit the nail on the head."

"I enjoyed the way Romanian teachers presented the material and created an atmosphere where it was easy to ask questions, share. Interaction was encouraged a lot."

"I appreciated the openness and honesty of the teachers to share."

"I really enjoyed this course and it really explained and brought understanding."

"I liked the topics that were addressed, also that the things were kept on track."

"Each presenter was an expert on his/her topic."

"I would have liked more comfortable chairs."

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Cultural Awareness Weekend.  I found it was a great opportunity to learn more about Romanian culture in a comfortable environment and meet lots of great people (Romanian and other nationalities) who are doing ministry in the country.  The variety of speakers and perspectives really added to the value of the presentations.  The tour of the city was especially memorable in the re-telling of the revolution through your experiences. Thank you for taking the time to put this weekend together." (Rhonda Vanbeber, Timisoara, 21 May - 2005)

“Good focus and specific lectures on Romanians’ insights to the culture. A wonderful seminar, great speakers!”

“I appreciated hearing what people here think about missionaries and their advice. I appreciated the first day so much!”

“I have learned more about the culture here in Romania…the speakers were all very interesting and humble.”

“I have learned about insights into cultural distress and how to handle it.”

“I have learned about how Romanians communicate, about areas of culture shock. The lecturers had first hand knowledge of their subjects.”

“I enjoyed the freedom of the open discussion and the importance put on the group’s understanding.”

“The sections in communism and orthodoxy were especially informative for me. I learned a lot and now I have a much better understanding of Romanian history.”

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